What do we understand by engineering? Who and what can be characterized as such? Is an artist a painting engineer and a cleaner - a cleaning engineer, or is an engineer a trained engineering professional by definition? In any case, you can say that engineering is a broad concept.


If you type in "engineer" in Wikipedia, you will be directed to the page on the professional practitioner of engineering.

At Phalanxes we understand that an engineer is someone who is engaged at practically any and every level of the project, starting from the project support functions to the project leadership overseeing it. Phalanxes provides multidisciplinary technical expertise for onshore and offshore projects in the area of engineering and finance. This includes national and international projects in the oil and gas industry, petrochemistry and chemistry. Should there be a need in draftsmen, engineers, construction supervisors, or support staff, we ensure an optimally staffed Phalanx within a project.

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